World Malaria Day — Showcasing MMV's key achievements

25 Apr 2017

World Malaria Day is a chance to shine a spotlight on the global effort to control malaria. Thanks to concerted global action and investment, we are turning the tide against malaria, saving millions of lives. See what else is happening to commemorate this day. Visit our World Malaria Day page.

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    Slide 1: Anna Wang; Slide 2: Ben Moldenhauer/MMV; Slide 3: Ben Moldenhauer/MMV; Slide 4: Guilin Pharmaceuticals; Slide 5: Jaya Banerji/MMV; Slide 6: Photo: Alena Koscalove/MSF, Slide 7: MMV; Slide 8: Jaya Banerji/MMV; Slide 9: University of Cape Town; Slide 10: University of Yaoundé; Slide 11: Elizabeth Poll/MMV; Slide 12: Ben Moldenhauer/MMV; Slide 13: MMV