World Malaria Day — Developing antimalarials to save lives

25 Apr 2018

World Malaria Day is an internationally recognised day, highlighting the global efforts to control malaria and celebrating the gains that have been made. MMV-supported products have had significant impact and saved an estimated >1.5 million lives to date since 2009.

Learn more about these medicines and the lives they've impacted.

  • Photos: slide 1 - Novartis; slide 2 - Damien Schumann/MMV; slide 3 - Alena Koscalove/MSF; slide 4 - MMV; slide 5 - MAMaZ Against Malaria; slide 6 - Damien Schumann/MMV; slide 7 - Pierre Hugo/MMV; slide 8 - Pierre Hugo/MMV; slide 9 - Kolawole Maxwell/Malaria Consortium


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