Antimalarial medicines and molecules geared towards the needs of children

16 Jun 2017

A child dies from malaria every 2 minutes – the vast majority from Africa. This is why the needs of African children are at the heart of MMV’s work. With our partners, we manage more than 65 projects to develop next-generation antimalarials to treat and protect Africa’s next generation. Antimalarials like these save lives. The scale-up of malaria control measures including medicines helped save the lives of more than 5.9 million children under the age of 5 between 2000 and 2015. To mark the International Day of the African Child 2017, we are proud to present the antimalarials MMV and partners have developed for children, as well as the projects we are working on for the future.

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    Slide 1: Novartis; Slide 2: Anna Wang; Slide 3: Anna Wang; Slide 4: Maud Majeres Lugand/MMV; Slide 5: Maud Majeres Lugand/MMV; Slide 6: Anna Wang