26 Jun 2015

A potential single-dose cure for malaria

More about DSM265:

DSM265 stems from a collaboration with Prof. Margaret Philips at the University of Texas Southwestern, Prof. Pradip Rathod, University of Washington, and Prof. Sue Charman, Monash University. Prof. Phillips' team identified a potent and selective triazolopyrimidine-based inhibitor of the Plasmodium falciparum enzyme dihydroorotate dehydrogenase DHODH (PfDHODH), via high throughput screening (HTS) using an enzyme-based assay.

The lead optimization programme led to the identification of a compound with good activity against P. falciparum both in vitro and in vivo and an excellent preclinical safety and pharmacokinetic profile in animals. Its excellent selectivity profile against the PfDHODH versus human DHODH provides assurance that it would be well tolerated in humans. If successful, DSM265 would be the first antimalarial chemotherapy to target DHODH, which is essential for the parasite's survival.

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