Delivering medicines to secure a malaria-free future

16 Oct 2017

MMV and partners have saved more than one million lives with new medicines. Guided by our business plan we are committed to saving millions more.

The brightest minds in public health have devised ambitious global strategies and goals targeting malaria elimination and ultimate eradication. The aim is to reduce malaria infections and deaths by 90% by 2030.

To reach these aspirational targets, we need an innovative drug pipeline. This is what's driving MMV's Business plan. We are focused on the unmet medical needs of people suffering from malaria and those at risk of the disease.

Over the next 5 years, MMV and partners will: 

  • Discover and progress new chemical entities to make eradication possible
  • Develop new combination therapies to overcome resistance, improve compliance and protect vulnerable populations
  • Support equitable delivery of existing high quality antimalarials to these populations