World Malaria Day 2022

World Malaria Day 2022

25 Apr 2022

This World Malaria Day is the perfect time to recognize that increasing innovationadvancing gender equity and building local resilience are crucial to defeating malaria. 

We have 8 years left to eliminate malaria. We can do it if we join forces!

We invite you to read, download and share the content below from MMV and partners and also to participate in the #FightForWhatCounts and harnessing innovation social media campaigns. 

Check back as this page will continue to be updated. 

WHO social media campaign

This World Malaria Day, WHO calls for investments and innovation that bring new vector control approaches, diagnostics, antimalarial medicines and other tools to speed the pace of progress against malaria. Add your voice to the call to step up innovation and expand access to existing tools by sharing on social media. View the full selection of social media tiles on the WHO website.

RBM Partnership social media campaign

We must advance equity and build resilience to end malaria. View the social media toolkit, share the messages far and wide and make it known that when you fight malaria, you #FightForWhatCounts.  

Journal article: Re-orienting anti-malarial drug development to better serve pregnant women

Pregnant women are typically not included in pre-registration clinical trials due to fear of causing harm. Data to support dosing and safety are collected post-licensure. This means that pregnant individuals may wait years longer than the general population to receive lifesaving medicines. Read the full article

Open letter to world leaders: Let’s protect more expectant mothers and their babies from malaria!

Last year, a staggering 11.6 million pregnant women were infected with malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. Sign this letter to help influence top-level decision-makers to increase their efforts to protect more pregnant women from malaria.

MMV joins Swiss Malaria Group in calling for increased commitment to combatting malaria

More than 10 million lives have been saved from malaria over the past two decades thanks to Swiss and international contributions. However, a child still dies from malaria every minute, even if the disease is curable and preventable. Read the full news story

Invest in malaria and NTDs to fight future disease outbreaks

Investments in combatting diseases that often occur amongst the poorest populations allow countries to build more resilient health systems. These systems can be deployed in response to the next global health emergency. Read the full article

Opinion: In support of an integrated approach to defeat malaria

When the World Health Organization recommended widespread use of the first malaria vaccine last year, the news reinvigorated the fight against this deadly disease. Some in the global health community are now asking: Will we finally be able to eradicate this ancient scourge? Read the full article

World Malaria Day 2022 videos

Watch experts from MMV discuss various aspects of their work to find out more about what the organization is doing to fight malaria. Go to the videos.