World Malaria Day 2021

World Malaria Day 2021

25 Apr 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the power and value of transnational and multisectoral partnerships. As the impact of these partnerships was recognized, the level of collaboration escalated. The pandemic has also highlighted the fact that rapid action is possible when the stakes are high.

This World Malaria Day, we would like to underline the importance of a united front against malaria across cultures and sectors, as well as across universal issues such as equitable access to tools, gender equity, antimicrobial resistance, and preparedness for future disease outbreaks, and to highlight the central role of medicines and R&D in the fight against malaria. 

We have 9 years left to eliminate malaria. We can do it if we join forces! This World Malaria Day, let's pay tribute to the vast network of dedicated organizations and individuals who contribute in unique ways to the fight against malaria. We invite you to read, download and share the content below from MMV and partners and also to participate in the #UniteForMalaria social media campaign. 

Check back as this page will continue to be updated. 


Make the "unite" gesture, take your photo (or use the pre-developed graphic) and join the movement. Download and share the social media toolkit

Global Cause: Empower local communities, avert future disease outbreaks

The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly revealed the interconnected nature of global health security. The effects of a faltering health system can be felt well beyond sovereign borders. This means that preventing the spread of a future pandemic rests on the strengthening of the systems which deliver healthcare in geographies where patients are most vulnerable.

MMV’s partner S Kant receives WHO prequalification for its protective medicine for children

Providing a second manufacturer of quality-assured, child-friendly SPAQ provides both increased supply and greater security of supply for this important protective medicine. 

MMV recognizes Swiss Malaria Group's commitment to defeating malaria

The Swiss Malaria Group, of which MMV is a part, has remained committed to the success of malaria campaigns this year despite challenges posed by COVID-19. Although progress has been made, sustained commitment is needed to ensure efforts stay on track. 

#Drawtheline against malaria

Participate in RBM Partnership To End Malaria's campaign by drawing the line against malaria. How can you get involved? Watch, download and share the films and animations and participate in the social media campaign. Visit the dedicated website to read the key messages and download the assets.