Webinar: New drugs for the old enemy

Webinar: New drugs for the old enemy

28 September 2022, 10.00 BST

Join Chemistry World to discover how collaboration and open research can help in the fight against malaria

Despite the efforts towards malaria eradication, the latest estimates show that the number of cases is rising and malaria continues to have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable populations.

Chemistry World has invited speakers involved with MMV to join us in this hour-long webinar, to discuss how the private and public sectors can come together to find new solutions for a disease with no significant commercial market and hence, where a new framework of drug discovery has been developed, critically in collaboration with global partners.

In this webinar, Jeremy Burrows, VP and Head of the drug discovery department at MMV, will introduce Medicines for Malaria Venture and the role that is played in discovering, developing and delivering new medicines. Richard Amewu, from the University of Ghana, will share his experience as a young academic in Africa and the ways in which MMV has supported him in establishing a group able to conduct malaria focused medicinal chemistry. Kirandeep Samby, a former leader of MMVOpen who recently joined Janssen/ J&J, will talk about the open activities that she has lead within MMV, including the Open Access Boxes and Open-Source project, and specifically how you can get involved in the fight against malaria.

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