Teaming up to improve access to health technologies – Ensuring quality of affordable products in lower-income settings

16 Jun 2021

During the last two decades, the international community has undertaken enormous efforts to improve access to affordable health products for people in lower-income settings, especially against HIV, TB, malaria, neglected tropical diseases and childhood illnesses. Yet, for a long time, the quality aspect of health products was neglected. This has changed over time as evidence has revealed the harmful effect of substandard or falsified products on people’s health and the waste of their scarce financial resources. The private sector plays a pivotal role in the research, development, production and supply of quality products. In its new Strategy on International Cooperation 2021-24, Switzerland places a strong emphasis on the provision of quality key services, including health products. In this context, SDC has been supporting partnerships that pay particular attention to the quality aspect in order to make sure Swiss taxpayers’ money is effectively invested and people’s health improved and not harmed. 

Key questions to be explored in the event:

- Why is important to look beyond mere access to affordable health products and keep the quality aspect in mind?

- What can I do as a donor or implementing agency to promote the production and supply of quality products through the private sector?

- What can the State and the pharmaceutical industry do to ensure the quality of health products?

Guest speakers

Karin Wiedenmayer – Senior Pharmaceutical Public Health Expert, Swiss TPH

Charles Gore – Executive Director, Medicines Patent Pool

Ed Vreeke – Executive Director, QUAMED

Lodovico Paganini – Scientific Officer, Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products

George Jagoe – Vice-President, Access & Product Management, Medicines for Malaria Venture

Pierre Hugo - Senior Director, Market Dynamics and Global Access Partnerships, Medicines for Malaria Venture