Solutions for drug-resistant infections conference

3-5 April 2017
Brisbane, Australia

SDRI 2017 is a multi-disciplinary scientific conference for the Asia Pacific region focused on Solutions for Drug-Resistant Infections. This inaugural conference will bring together leading scientific, medical and industry experts to discuss new solutions to the global challenge of drug-resistant pathogens. 

Download the conference poster.


Conference sessions:

  • Antimicrobial drug discovery
  • Improvements to existing anti-infective agents and repurposing
  • New Drug Targets
  • Alternate therapies
  • Navigating the pipeline
  • International Models and Funding
  • Vector control and vaccines

Didier Leroy

MMV's Didier Leroy will be speaking during Session 2: Antimicrobial drug discovery I

  • See the full programme on the conference website.