Presentations from meeting: Advances and challenges in the fight against malaria: A 15 year retroperspective

20 May 2015

MMV and DNDi have convened this high-level meeting to explore the views of key stakeholders on the 15 years of progress in the fight against malaria and plans for the years ahead. Since the turn of the millennium, MMV and DNDi, both not-for-profit product development partnerships, have worked with both academia and industry to bring forward six innovative new treatments against malaria.

Together the two organizations are pioneering new types of collaborations to discover, develop and deliver breakthrough treatments in neglected disease, and have built a large R&D pipeline of new medicines at various stages of research. They have agreed that the two malaria medicines developed by DNDi and partners will now be managed by MMV’s Access and Product Management team to help maximize their impact for the patients who most need them. This event, which is by invitation only, will commemorate this landmark handover.