Neglected Diseases/ Neglected Patients Symposium (BDRP 2021)

28 Jun 2021

An estimated 125 million pregnancies per year are at risk of malaria around the world and as such pregnant women represent a large proportion of the affected population. For both mother and child malaria is potentially life-threatening. Risk factors are maternal anemia, premature labor and poor birth outcomes which are associated with a negative impact on early childhood development. There are very few approved therapeutic options for pregnant women. Data capture on safety and efficacy in pregnancy or birth outcomes is challenging for many national health systems. There is a need for effective, safe, and affordable antimalarials for pregnant and lactating women.

This symposium will describe current international strategic initiatives at the cutting-edge of laboratory research, clinical front line to tackle this neglected disease in an understudied patient population.


Belen Tornesi

MMV's Senior Director, Non-Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, Dr Belen Tornesi will be speaking at this event.