MMV's 14th Stakeholders' Meeting

11-13 October 2017
Bali, Indonesia

Following on from the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) Vivax Working Group Annual Meeting, MMV's Stakeholders’ Meeting will bring a complimentary focus on malaria drug research, development and deployment. The meeting will bring together respected malaria research and public health experts from Indonesia and the global malaria community as well as funding partners. It will provide a platform for these key stakeholders to discuss challenges and the latest advances in the field of malaria control and elimination.

The objective of the meeting is to inform stakeholders of the progress of projects in MMV’s drug pipeline and of MMV’s newly launched 2017-2021 Business Plan. Joint efforts with partners detailed in the plan will support Indonesia and other countries with new, effective and convenient interventions and facilitate the use of current and new tools to intensify malaria control and move towards elimination.

The meeting will focus on the critical challenges to malaria elimination in South East Asia. Speakers will provide an overview on the global quest for this ambitious target, as well as how improving access to today’s medicines achieves impact, how the malaria community is expanding access to improved treatment for P. vivax malaria, and what next-generation tools are being developed for both blood stage and relapsing malaria. 

Download the agenda [PDF: 4 pages] 

Download the speaker profiles booklet [PDF: 13 pages]