MMV Discovery Partner Meeting

19-20 October 2017
Geneva, Switzerland

MMV is convening a meeting with its vast network of Discovery partners, to align the Discovery strategy and vision for malaria R&D. Discovery partners will gain an understanding of what types of compounds are needed and why, through an overview of translational, product development and access requirements. The meeting will serve to strengthen relationships, to share key learnings across projects and to strengthen the Open Innovation network. MMV wishes to thank the University of Geneva for providing the meeting venue. 

Meeting Agenda

Day 1

Welcome and Introduction – Jeremy Burrows

Session 1: Setting the scene
Chairs: Margaret Phillips and John Haselden

  • The Eradication agenda: landscape and TPP/ TCP overview and discussion – Tim Wells 
  • The problems of access and how to overcome them – George Jagoe 

Session 2: Antimalarial Development
Chairs: Laurent Fraisse and Chris Sarko

  • Product Development strategies: phase III, phase II, regulatory perspective – Wiweka Kaszubska 
  • Translational development for different TCPs: Preclinical phase, Phase I, Human Challenge Model, Phase IIa – Joerg Moehrle 

Session 3: Supporting Decision Making
Chairs: Didier Leroy and Sergio Wittlin

  • Combinations: the MMV tool and prioritization studies – Nicole Andenmatten
  • The role of modelling and simulation – Nathalie Gobeau 
  • Why are CMC issues important for malaria R&D? – Cristina Donini

Session 4: Partnering and summary
Chairs: Brice Campo and Stephen Brand

  • How does MMV structure collaboration agreements and why? – Sahar Sabetnia  
  • Science Cloud – Dominique Besson 

Day 2: Capturing Learnings and Challenges

Session 5: TCP1 and resistance
Chairs: Javier Gamo and Stacie Canan

  • TCP1 strategy and test-cascades – Paul Willis 
  • TCP1 Resistance strategy – Benjamin Blasco 

Session 6: Posters
Poster session 

Session 7: TCP3 and TCP4
Chairs: Arnab Chatterjee and Tanya Paquet

  • TCP3 strategy and test-cascades – Brice Campo 
  • TCP4 strategy and test-cascades – James Duffy 

Session 8: TCP5/6 and MMVopen
Chairs: Koen Dechering and Thomas Spangenberg

  • TCP5 and TCP6 strategy and test-cascades – Didier Leroy 
  • MMVopen: Open Access boxes – Benoît Laleu 

Closing remarks – Jeremy Burrows