MMV at ASTMH 2005

11-15 December 2005
Washington, DC, USA

9-10 December 2005
Members of the MMV science team attended a key meeting which took place in Washington prior to the ASTMH entitled Vivax Malaria Research: 2005 and Beyond. For more information, please visit the J. Craig Venter Institute website.

11-15 December 2005
The MMV team was involved in several symposia during the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 54th Annual Meeting (ASTMH) which took place in Washington DC, USA.

The first symposium, ACT - working in partnership was held on the morning of 12 December. Both Dr Chris Hentschel and Dr David Ubben of MMV spoke during this session.

The second symposium, RBx11160/OZ277 The First Synthetic Trioxolane Antimalarial took place on 14 December. This symposium presented the data which was used to select the first synthetic peroxide antimalarial to go into clinical development and the Phase I first time in humans data. The plans for the clinical development of this new antimalarial were also presented.

MMV’s 8-aminoquinoline project was featured in a two part symposium on 15 December: 8-Aminoquinolines: Past, Present and Future I & II.