MMV Access Symposium 2008

2 June 2008
Accra, Ghana

The Annual MMV Access Symposium is a forum to bring together representatives of health ministries of malaria endemic countries and organisations working to accelerate and facilitate access to effective antimalarials. The aim is to share experiences and learnings in this challenging area of work.

Focused on specific themes, the meetings provide a lively discussion for a range of partners already involved with MMV Access & Delivery work. These include partners from malaria-endemic countries, Ministries of Health and NMCP members, regulatory authorities, WHO, procurement specialists, MMV pharmaceutical partners, donors, public and private delivery partners, scientists involved in R&D, operational research implementing agencies and specialists in the area of policy development, financing, malaria treatment and demand creation.

MMV Access Symposium
Accra, Ghana, 2 June 2008

The third MMV Symposium ‘Expanding Reach of ACTs in the Private Sector: Dialogue with Countries’, was held in Accra, Ghana, on Monday, 2 June 2008. It followed the MMV Stakeholders Meeting and was inaugurated at an opening dinner on the evening of 1 June, with a keynote speech by Dora Akunyili, Director General of the Nigerian National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). She spoke on ’Challenges to access to ACTs in Africa: A personal view’.

The symposium was ably chaired by Dr Alex Dodoo, President, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, and Catherine Hodgkin of KIT, Netherlands. It was attended by a large group of Ghanaian pharmacists, scientists, physicians and regulators as well as representatives of 11 African countries. Representatives of donor organisations, pharmaceutical companies, civil society organisations, fellow product development partnerships, national malaria control programmes, national drug regulators and the WHO participated.

In its continued campaign to share thinking and insights within the global malaria community on how to expand the reach of ACTs to the poor via the private sector, MMV Access has made available the agenda and all the presentations from this symposium on the MMV website below. In addition, a brief report of the meeting will be posted shortly.

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MMV Access Symposium
Expanding Reach of ACTs in the Private Sector: Dialogue with Countries
(*click on the highlighted names to download the presentations - all are in PDF format)

Session 1: Are ACTs reaching people in Africa today?
An Overview - the State of ACT Access

What has been the impact of policy change to ACTs? What volumes of ACTs have been supplied? Who are they reaching? What are the challenges?
Jackson Sillah, WHO/IST West Africa (703KB)

Panel discussion on national experiences
2 countries with relatively high ACT access

Senegal and Uganda adopted ACTs in 2005/2004 (respectively); deployed in 2006. What has been their experience so far?
Moussa Thior, NMCP Senegal (295KB)
Ambrose Talisuna, Uganda (193KB)

2 countries with relatively recent ACT roll-out
Ghana and Malawi adopted ACTs in 2004 / 2006; deployed in 2005 / 2007 (respectively). What has been their experience so far?
Constance Bart-Plange, NMCP Ghana (80KB)
Jack Wirima, NMCP Malawi (127KB)

Discussion around country systems to increase access to all

Session 2: Grappling with affordability in the private sector

An overview of global approaches
-  Alex Dodoo, Co-Chair

Subsidizing ACTs at the country level
PMI investigates the feasibility of tailoring solutions to affordability on a country by country basis.
Larry Barat, PMI (983KB)

Subsidizing ACTs at the global level
How will the Affordable Medicines Facility, malaria (AMFm) work? What are the challenges? How are these being resolved?
Uzo Gilpin, RBM (211KB)

Discussion around affordability challenges and how to address them

The subsidy in action: Insights from the Tanzanian study
In a pilot study, Tanzania is providing a subsidized ACT in the private sector. What are the preliminary results? Who is buying ACTs? At what price?
Renata Mandike, NMCP Tanzania (1.09MB)

Session 3: Beyond affordability...
What else needs to be done?
Increasing points of access (OTC status): The Nigerian experience
Why did Nigeria reschedule ACTs? What are the challenges they faced? Has this improved reach?
Dora Akunyili, NAFDAC (258KB)

Getting the drugs through the supply chain: The Ugandan case
In a pilot study, Uganda will provide a subsidized ACT in the private sector. What incentives to the trade will get the product on shelf? How will profiteering be disincentivised?
Kinny Nayer, Surgipharm (private sector) (95KB)

Discussion around the risk-benefit of OTC, need for follow up data via pharmacovigilance, and the importance of incentives in the supply chain