MMV Access Symposium 2006

6 May 2006
Livingstone, Zambia

The Annual MMV Access Symposium is a forum to bring together representatives of health ministries of malaria endemic countries and organisations working to accelerate and facilitate access to effective antimalarials. The aim is to share experiences and learnings in this challenging area of work.

Focused on specific themes, the meetings provide a lively discussion for a range of partners already involved with MMV Access & Delivery work. These include partners from malaria-endemic countries, Ministries of Health and NMCP members, regulatory authorities, WHO, procurement specialists, MMV pharmaceutical partners, donors, public and private delivery partners, scientists involved in R&D, operational research implementing agencies and specialists in the area of policy development, financing, malaria treatment and demand creation.

In recognition of the expansion of MMV’s work to include access and delivery, the MMV Stakeholders' meeting expanded this year to include a specific meeting dedicated to access. Chaired by Dr Pascoal Mocumbi, Former President of Mozambique and MMV Board member, the meeting focused on the theme of ‘Scaling Up Access and Delivery of New Anti-Malarials’. The meeting emphasized the successes which can be achieved when working in partnership, as exemplified by the Zambian National Malaria Control Centre.

MMV’s business model is focused around partnerships. Dr Chris Hentschel, MMV President and CEO outlined the emerging MMV access strategy, which was put to Stakeholders for feedback and discussion. The meeting sought input from the wide range of stakeholders present, including endemic country malaria specialists, donors, MMV pharmaceutical partners, pharmaceutical supply specialists and the scientific community. The meeting concluded that by working together, we can all contribute to ensuring the successful uptake of MMV’s new products to ensure their widespread use in the endemic countries of Africa and Asia.

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Introducing MMV in Access: Working Together to Maximise Health Impact of New Anti-Malarials
Dr Chris Hentschel, President and CEO, MMV

Working Together to Maximise Health Impact of New Anti-Malarials - Lessons Learned from Scale Up of Malaria Control in Zambia
Dr Naawa Sipalanyambe, Zambia National Malaria Control Programme