Malaria R&D in a time of global partnerships

26 June 2015
Tokyo, Japan

Since 2009, the independent Expert Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) meetings that convene to review MMV’s malaria drug projects have been held annually in partner locations across the world. At each of these locations, MMV and its partner(s) in the city have organized a Malaria Symposium to share scientific knowledge with local scientists and raise awareness about malaria and MMV.

This year’s Malaria Symposium, co-hosted by MMV, GHIT Fund and the University of Tokyo aims to share scientific knowledge and to strengthen collaborations between MMV and Japanese research institutions. It will be held at the University of Tokyo, after the completion of ESAC’s deliberations. 

Download the agenda [PDF: 380Kb, 1 page]


Welcome & introduction

  • Welcome and introduction; Dr B.T. Slingsby, GHIT
  • Opening remarks; Dr David Reddy, MMV [PDF: 580Kb]
  • Keynote address: "Nature: the ideal partner for biomedical R&D"; Prof Satoshi Omura, Kitasato University
  • New medicines: How far have we travelled? How far to go? Drug development and partnerships in the global fight against malaria: Dr Tim Wells, MMV [PDF: 3.6Mb]

Session 1: Challenges facing discovery of new medicines for malaria
Chair: Dr Dennis Schmatz - Discovery ESAC Chair

  • A molecular mechanism of artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium falciparum malaria; Dr Kasturi Haldar, University of Notre Dame [PDF: 828Kb]
  • Discovering compounds active against P.vivax liver stages; Prof Dennis Kyle, USF [PDF: 5Mb]

Session 2: Challenges facing discovery of vaccines for malaria
Chair: Dr Stephan Chalon - MMV

  • Pre-erythrocytic vaccines for malaria elimination; Prof Takafumi Tsuboi, Ehime University [PDF: 2.0Mb]
  • BK-SE36 malaria vaccine candidate for young children; Prof Horii, Osaka University [PDF: 2.8Mb]        

Session 3: Malaria drug development: Overcoming hurdles every step of the way
Chair: Dr David McGibney - former Development ESAC Chair

  • The human challenge model: An innovative enabler for malaria drug development; Prof James McCarthy (Berghofer QIMR) [PDF: 512Kb]
  • Dark clouds looming: The growing threat of artemisinin resistance in S-E Asia; Prof Francois Nosten, (SMRU) [PDF: 1.7Mb]
  • Picking up where we left off: Resuming the fight against relapse; Prof Kevin Baird, (EOCRU) [PDF: 2.3Mb]

Session 4: panel discussion: Partnering with Japan in malaria drug discovery and development
Moderator: Dr Jeremy Burrows - MMV

  • Screening of short film on DSM265  
  • Japanese scientific expertise: working with MMV DSM265; Dr Robert Arch, Takeda
  • Japan’s support for neglected diseases; Mr Yoneyama Yoshiharu, JICA
  • Japan as a source of potential malaria compounds; Dr Kei Katsuno, GHIT
  • Japan’s work in vector control; Ms. Atsuko Hirooka, Sumitomo
  • Japanese scientific expertise: working with MMV on SJ733; Dr Fabian Gusovsky, Eisai

Closing remarks & Presentation of Project of the Year 2014 Award; Prof Kiyoshi Kita, University of Tokyo

DDD498 – the compound with muscle:
Winner of MMV Project of the Year 2014; Prof Ian Gilbert, University of Dundee