Malaria: Confronting challenges from drug discovery to treatment

Malaria: Confronting challenges from drug discovery to treatment

10-13 Apr 2022
Breckenridge CO, USA

The Keystone Symposia Meeting on 'Malaria: Confronting Challenges From Drug Discovery to Treatment' addresses the pressing need to accelerate the development of new antimalarials that can treat Plasmodium falciparum parasites that have acquired resistance to existing first-line drugs.

The specific aims of the event are to:

• Review recent innovations in antimalarial drug discovery

• Examine preclinical and clinical models to test compounds in development

• Review the efficacy of ACTs across different endemic settings and discuss current approaches to reducing the disease burden

• Review the current status of antimalarial resistance, including mechanistic studies and how they inform our understanding of drug modes of action

• Discuss new medicines, and prophylaxis, treatment and transmission-blocking strategies.

Visit the Keystone Symposia website to submit your abstracts by 6 January 2022. The scholarship applications for the event are open until 16 December 2022.