Keystone Symposia Conference on Malaria

20-25 January 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology is a nonprofit organization that convenes open, peer-reviewed conferences across a broad range of the life sciences.

This Malaria meeting will promote discussion of:

  • Innate and adaptive immune responses to Plasmodium infection and how the parasite interferes with these responses.
  • New adjuvants and anti-malaria vaccine strategies.
  • Basic aspects of Plasmodium cellular and population biology that affect infection and the development of drug resistance.
  • Plasmodium transmission, including gametocytogenesis and Plasmodium biology in the mosquito vector. This includes cellular and molecular aspects of parasite-mosquito interactions, field studies, functional genomics and the development of potential control strategies.
  • Severe malaria in endemic areas, recent advances in our understanding of the physiopathology of disease in humans and in animal models, and genome-based strategies to identify biomarkers of susceptibility to severe disease.

MMV's Ian Bathurst Global Health Travel Awards have been presented to 12 conference participants studying parasitology in disease-endemic regions.

The Awards honor Dr. Ian Bathurst, a highly respected and beloved malaria researcher who most recently worked for Medicines for Malaria Venture in Geneva, Switzerland and who sadly passed away in June 2011. Dr. Bathurst participated in four Keystone Symposia malaria conferences and valued the opportunities these provided to enhance knowledge, innovation and collaboration in the field. Please visit the MMV website for more background information on this dedicated scientist and his work.