Joint Conference 2007 on Artemisinin production and market needs: Meeting Global Demand

25-26 June 2007
Bangkok, Thailand

An international conference on “Artemisinin production and market needs: Meeting Global Demand”, convened jointly by the World Health Organization and Medicines for Malaria Venture, was held on Monday and Tuesday, 25-26 June 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Listed below are various documents, including a final report, that pertain to the conference:*

1. Conference agenda [PDF: 33mb]
2. DRAFT final report with embedded PDF presentations [Word: 10mb]*
3. Conclusions of the breakout sessions [PDF: 36kb]
4. Feedback from participants [PDF: 36kb]
5. Participant contact list [PDF: 48kb]
6. Michaela von Freyhold’s paper [PDF: 37kb]
7. Dafra poster [PDF: 83kb]
8. WHO monograph [PDF: 900kb]
9. Global ACT Subsidy presentation [PDF: 802kb]
10. Cutler Lapkin report [PDF: 264kb]
11. Dana Dalrymple paper [PDF: 591kb]
12. Diemer and Griffee report [PDF: 260kb]
13. Cim-Arogya Report [PDF: 53kb]
14. ACT effectiveness vs drug resistance slide [PDF: 19kb]
15. Picture of Yongyuth Yuthavong and Malcolm Cutler at the conference [JPG: 1.9mb]


Since the Arusha conference in June 2005 there have been significant changes in the market demand for artemisinin and also in the technologies available for plant production and processing.
- There has been a major scale up in the procurement and use of ACTs since 2004
- A sharp increase in the price of artemisinin brought a number of new producers into the market, with a commensurate increase in surfaces harvested. The resulting oversupply has led to a sharp reduction in the price of API. Profitability is therefore decreasing
- WHO has published a monograph on good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) for Artemisia annua
- New extraction technologies have been developed and tested
- New manufacturers of finished products have entered the market, resulting in increased competition
- The accuracy of forecast for finished products has very substantially improved
- A Global Subsidy for ACTs is being prepared, with a launch expected end 2007.

Objectives of the meeting

The conference was designed to give the A.annua/ artemisinin/ ACT producers, researchers, or donors, the opportunity to discuss and debate the problems and opportunities within the industry, and identify areas where they believe on-going support and research is required. Thus, the meeting will:
-  Bring together experts, partners and producers to discuss common issues
-  Share knowledge and information on production techniques, areas planted, extraction methods and capacities
-  Help to solve problems in view of emerging issues, notably market instability
-  Foster networks of actors in the market.

Meeting sessions

The meeting was organized around two types of sessions:
-  Presentations by experts on the first day
- Group discussions around relevant topics, aiming at knowledge sharing and development of networks, on the second day.

The subjects proposed for presentations and discussions covered:
-  ACT market: trends and evolution
-  Artemisinin market: trends and evolution
-  Seeds and farming practices
-  Extraction and purification processes: update on technologies, cost/effectiveness, feasibility
-  Quality assurance for API
-  Sampling and laboratory tests (artemisinin content of leaves and extracts): methods and techniques.