Gordon Research Conference - Translational Malaria Research in Patients and Populations

30 June - 5 July 2019
Les Diablerets, Switzerland

The 2019 Malaria Gordon Research Conference coincides with a critical juncture in the malaria research community. Although strides toward malaria elimination continue in some regions, the WHO recently reported that after years of declining numbers of malaria cases and deaths, progress against malaria has stalled and even reversed in other regions. This report emphasizes the urgent need for the scientific community to revitalize its commitment to the long-term goal of malaria eradication, while also working to prevent malaria and improve the care of patients and populations who will continue to bear the burden of malaria until eradication is achieved.

The 2019 Gordon Conference on Malaria will present cutting-edge clinical and translational research that strives to improve patient outcomes, decrease the malaria burden in populations, and accelerate elimination efforts. Aiming for breadth and depth to stimulate interactions between clinicians, scientists, public health professionals and policymakers with diverse expertise and geographic representation, the Conference speakers are expected to share unpublished advances in the pathophysiology and treatment of malaria, drug resistance and drug development, basic immunology, vaccine development, mosquito vector control, and the genetic epidemiology and surveillance of the parasite and vector.


Tim Wells

MMV's Tim Wells will be speaking at this conference.