Fight the Fakes Campaign


MMV supports “Fight the Fakes” Campaign

Medicines for Malaria Venture is a signatory to the Fight the Fakes campaign aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of fake medicines.

Fake medicines put patients and the general public at risk. Patients believe they are receiving genuine treatment, but instead they are getting potentially dangerous products that could increase resistance to real treatments, and cause further illness, disability or even death.

Partner organisations and individuals share the belief that coordination among all actors involved in the manufacturing and distribution of medicines is vital to vanquish this public health threat.

As part of this effort, Fight the Fakes is collecting and sharing the stories of those who are impacted by fake medicines and are speaking up. The website also serves as a resource for organizations and individuals who are looking to support this effort by outlining opportunities for action and sharing the action of others in the fight against fake medicines.

Do you want to join the fight and lend your support to the campaign? Are you interested in becoming a partner? Do you have a story to tell? Contact info [at]

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