Children for Children - MMV, Ghity Corbat and Young Pianists Benefit Concert for Malaria

Children for Children - MMV, Ghity Corbat and Young Pianists Benefit Concert for Malaria

5 November 2006
Geneva, Switzerland

The Children for Children concert was a great success and all who attended enjoyed the music and the tombola as well as the ambiance - the children motivated to show their concern for children with malaria - expressing this through their music.

Many thanks to Ghity, and her sister Sissi for the inspiration, organization and energy which made this event a success and to all those organizations and individuals who so generously donated gifts for the tombola.

MMV - Medicines for Malaria Venture, Ghity Corbat and young pianists of Geneva invite you to a benefit concert to support the development of new medicines against malaria among children.

The piano concert will be followed by a tombola and a reception.

Ghity Corbat is a well known pianist whose mission is to open the world of music to children and adolescents. Through her teaching, she not only develops their musical talents, but also their ability to focus and find serenity in their daily lives. These annual benefit concerts also give her students and the community an opportunity to learn about children’s issues around the globe and a chance to make a difference.

Date: 5 November 2006
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Venue: Mandarin Oriental - Hôtel du Rhône Quai Turrettini 1, Geneva, Switzerland
Price: CHF 40 for adults and CHF 5 for children
Please note that the seats are limited and there will be no reserved seating.

Medicines for Malaria Venture is a nonprofit organization created to discover, develop and deliver safe, effective and affordable antimalarial drugs through effective public-private partnership. Malaria is a preventable and curable disease; yet it kills 3,000 young children every day. Widespread drug resistance has rendered the cheapest and most common drugs useless in many areas. Continuous innovation is critical to stay a step ahead of resistance and create new and better prevention and treatment solutions for the nearly 2.4 billion people at risk of this deadly disease.

Today, MMV is managing the largest-ever portfolio of antimalarial drugs with some 20 projects from early discovery to late-stage clinical development. By 2010, MMV may have up to five new drugs registered to international standards. And our next challenge will be to ensure that these life-saving drugs reach those in most need.

Hope is within our reach.
Curing Malaria Together