Biotech Outsourcing Strategies 2018

19-20 June
Basel Switzerland

A partnering event for stakeholders of CMC outsourcing and pharmaceutical discovery outsourcing

The CMC Outsourcing Module covers small molecule and biologics tracks and includes the following components: Outsourcing Business Process, Early Development CMC Outsourcing, Late Stage CMC Outsourcing, CMC Outsourcing Case Studies, BOS Outsourcing Showcase Poster Presentations. 

The Discovery Outsourcing Module has a dedicated Discovery Outsourcing Track which will encompass target site identification, target site validation, lead identification, lead validation, discovery chemistry and discovery biology. The programme includes the following components: Outsourcing Business Process, Early Stage Discovery Outsourcing, Late Stage Discovery Outsourcing, Discovery Outsourcing Case Studies, BOS Outsourcing Showcase Posters, Open Innovation in Discovery.


Brice Campo

MMV's Brice Campo is speaking at this event

Hanu Ramachandruni

MMV's Hanu Ramachandruni is speaking at this event