Artemisinin Conference 2010

12-14 October 2010
Antananarivo, Madagascar


The Artemisinin Conference 2010 was jointly organized by WHO, RBM, MMV, and supported by DFID, UK. All conference presentations are available below.

The main objectives of the conference were to:

  • Present ACT demand forecasts for 2011-2012 and latest ACT demand forecasting mechanisms, including impact of vector control and latest malaria diagnostics
  • Identify actual 2010 artemisinin production, future demand, prices and production costs
  • Review A2S2 and future support needs to ensure consistent artemisinin production
  • Update on latest developments in high yielding, Artemisia variety development
  • Present new technology to improve artemisinin processing efficiencies and APIs
  • Discuss latest developments in analytical techniques for Artemisia and artemisinin
  • Identify progress on ensuring artemisinin as a starting material and discuss artemisinin quality needs
  • Present latest developments in semi-synthetic artemisinin and fully synthetic treatments
  • Present and discuss reports regarding artemisinin resistance

View the conference agenda. [PDF: 63Kb]


Conference Presentations:

Tuesday 12 October 2010

09.00 – 09.10

Opening remarks, objectives and Priority Actions [PDF: 17Kb] from the 2009 Mumbai conference - Malcolm Cutler, Andrea Bosman, Jan Van Erps

09:20 – 10.00

Keynote address:

  1. History of Malaria Treatment in Madagascar [PDF: 1.25Mb] - Milijaona Randrianarivelojosia, Institute Pasteur de Madagascar   
  2. Lessons learnt from ACT use in Madagascar [PDF: 946Kb] - Benjamin Ramarosandratana, National Malaria Control Programme

10.30 – 11.15

New Developments in High Yielding Artemisia Varieties and Production Methods

  1. Implications of Intensification of Artemisia Production [PDF: 2Mb] -  Antony Ellman, NRI (Read Antony Ellman's article: Cultivation of Artemisia Annua in Africa and Asia)
  2. Comparison of Different Drying Techniques in Madagascar [PDF: 587Kb] - Xavier Simonnet, Mediplant
  3. CNAP High Yielding Varieties – Progress Update [PDF: 2.78Mb] - Dianna Bowles, CNAP, York, UK 
  4. NIAB, UK – High Yielding Artemisia Development [PDF: 1.4Mb] - Steve Bentley, NIAB, UK


Results of New Purification Technology on Increasing Production Efficiency and Reducing Costs

  1. New Purification Technology to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs [PDF: 1.29Mb] - Colin Hill, ETDL, UK and Bhupinder Khambay, Kamtech Tech, UK

12.30 – 13.15

Latest Developments in Analytical Techniques for Leaf Analysis, In-Process Assays and Artemisinin

  1. Challenges in Artemisinin Analysis [PDF: 223Kb] - Bhupinder Khambay – Kamtech Tech. UK
  2. Determination of Artemisinin & Moisture Content of Leaves using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)  [PDF: 799Kb] - Xavier Simonnet – Mediplant
  3. Anti-Malarial Drug Testing: Tests, Reference Standards & Assays [PDF: 4.29Mb] – SensaPharm, UK

14.15 – 15.15

ACT Market – Latest Forecasts and Demand Forecasting Methods

  1. ACT Forecasts for 2010-11 [PDF: 88Kb] – MIT, Zaragosa presented by Henk den Besten
  2. Global ACT Demand Forecast [PDF: 60Kb]– Jeffrey Chung, CHAI
  3. Consolidated ACT Demand Forecast Programme [PDF: 179Kb] – Mathieu Lamiaux, BCG

Implications of Vector Control and RDTs on ACT Forecasts

  1. Impact of Vector Control and Malaria Diagnostics on ACT Consumption [PDF: 5.01Mb]  - Andrea Bosman, Global Malaria Programme, WHO


Global Fund and other Public Sector ACT Supply Mechanisms

  1. Challenges in Procurement of Artemisinin Based Medicines [PDF: 228Kb] – Fabienne Jouberton, Global Fund
  2. ACTs in the Public Sector [PDF: 135Kb] – Donald Dickerson, Presidents Malaria Initiative
  3. UNICEF Update on ACT Procurement [PDF: 719Kb] – Jon Blasco, UNICEF
  4. UNITAID Support for Malaria Prevention and Control [PDF: 800Kb] – Yohannes Ambachew, UNITAID

16.20 – 17.00

AMFm – Update on Implementation and Implications for Manufacturers

  1. AMFm Update [PDF: 292Kb] – Fabienne Jouberton


Artemisinin/API Forecasts to meet ACT Demand.  Pricing and Manufacturing Cost Implications

  1. Artemisinin Market, Quantities & Pricing [PDF: 153Kb]  - Jacques Pilloy, Artepal



Wednesday 13 October 2010

09.00 – 10.00

Assured Artemisinin Supply System (A2S2) – Activity Update, Review of Support Mechanisms and Future Needs

  1. A2S2 - Progress & Status [PDF: 132Kb] – Henk den Besten, i+solutions & Koert Jansen, Triodos Bank

10.00 – 10.30

Recent Findings on Artemisinin Tolerance/Resistance

  1. Update on Tolerance/Resistance and Therapeutic Efficacy of Artemisinin in SE Asia [PDF: 5.07Mb] - Pascal Ringwald, WHO (presented by Andrea Bosman)

10.30 – 11.00

Threat of Substandard ACTs and Oral-Based Monotherapies

  1. Quality of Antimalarial Medicines in Sub Saharan Africa [PDF: 202Kb] - Jitka Sabartova and Andrea Bosman, WHO
  2. Threat of Oral Artemisinin-Based Monotherapies [PDF: 2.96Mb] – Andrea Bosman, WHO

11.20 – 12.10

New API Developments

  1. Artemisinins, the Marvellous Peroxidic Antimalarials [PDF: 4.71Mb] - Dr Richard Haynes – Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

12.10 – 13.00

Discussion regarding clarification regarding Artemisinin as a Starting Material and Artemisinin Quality Standards

  1. Update on Defining Artemisinin as a Starting Material [PDF: 361Kb] - Valérie Faillat-Proux, Rapporteur of Staring Material Working Group
  2. Artemisinin as a Starting Material [PDF: 1.03Mb] - Walter Cabri – Sigma-Tau

14.00 – 15.00

Artemisinin, API and ACT Production:  Industry Perspectives on Present and Future Production Needs, Opportunities and Threats

  1. Artemisinin Cultivation in China, 2010-2011 [PDF: 4.76Mb] – Christine Lin, Pidi Standard Ltd
  2. Guilin Pharma, China [PDF: 2.12Mb] – Vincernt Jin
  3. Artemisinin Production in Vietnam, 2010 [PDF: 120Kb] – Huy Nguyen Hiey
  4. CIPLA [PDF: 322Kb] – India Industry Perspective – Prashant Sisodia



Thursday 14 October 2010

9.00 – 11.00

Review of Latest Developments of Semi Synthetic Artemisinin Technologies 

  1. Semi-Synthetic Project One World Health [PDF: 517Kb] – Tue Nguyen
  2. Semi-Synthetic Artemisinin Project [PDF: 4.25Mb] – Henri Farret, Sanofi-aventis

Bionexx Madagascar – Historical & Future Perspectives for Artemisinin Production

  1. Bionexx, Historical and Future Perspectives [PDF: 6.51Mb] - Charles Giblain, Bionexx, Madagascar

Recommendations to Improve ACT Tender Procedures

  1. Mission Malaria and Tender Procedure Recommendations [PDF: 575Kb] - Murali Sarma, IPCA

Cellphone Technology for Stock Management

  1. SMS for Life [PDF: 1.57Mb] - Jan Van Erps, RBM Partnership

Presentations of conclusions and recommendations by Break Out Sessions

11.30 – 12.15

  1. Artemisia, Artemisinin - Technical Issues & Developments Session Overview [PDF: 89.4Kb] - Rapporteurs  – Charles Giblain, Antony Ellman

12.15 – 13.30

  1. ACT/API/Artemisinin Forecast and Supply, A2S2, Monotherapies and Substandard Treatments Session Overview [PDF: 34.8Kb] - Rapporteurs -  Andrea Bosman, Jan Van Erps

16:30 -17.30

Presentation of key findings of the conference [PDF: 153Kb] - Antony Ellman & Malcolm Cutler



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