Antimalarials Market Information - Methodologies Consensus Meeting

25-26 March 2008
Geneva, Switzerland

On 25-26 March 2008, MMV hosted a meeting in Geneva to discuss approaches to measuring the antimalarials market in Africa. The meeting brought together international experts in the field, currently working on surveys to understand and measure the antimalarials market in Africa. Participants all had significant experience in market studies, and strong experience in research methodology.

Participants included leading researchers and survey implementers from Dalberg, DFID, HAI, IDR, IMS Health, LSHTM, MIT, MMV, PSI, Research International, University of Harvard, the World Bank and WHO.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss approaches to methodology, mapping existing work and ensuring comparability between the studies currently underway to provide a rich dataset for all those interested in this field.

The specific objectives of the meeting included:

  • Providing an update on where studies are being carried out, by which organization, timeframe
  • Assessing differences in methodologies/tools between studies and the impact of these variation
  • Generating consensus around areas of divergence (eg on technologies used, sampling, tools, approaches etc)

Participants agreed that the meeting was an essential element in brokering coordination between different parties as work in this field scales up in the period 2008 - 2012. Consensus was reached around key aspects of approach and methodology, including the surveying of all antimalarials at baseline, the importance of monitoring changes in the market over time.

Participants also called for further efforts to be made to improve dissemination of the information at national and international level, allowing policy makers to access data for evidence based policy making.

For further information on this meeting, please contact Renia Coghlan, Associate Director Global Access.