7th International Symposium on Current Trends in Drug Discovery Research

20-23 February 2019
Lucknow, India

CTDDR-2019 will address cutting-edge advances in drug discovery and development for infectious diseases (malaria, leishmania & microbial infections), life style disorders (CNS & CVS-metabolic disorders), cancer and bone health. There will be separate sessions for medicinal chemistry and natural products for therapeutics. The four-day event will include plenary and invited lectures, flash talks and posters by a number of international/ national scientists featuring investigational biology, clinical aspects, and translational biomedical research. CTDDR-2019 will provide a common platform for assessment of the challenges associated with drug design and development in these areas:

  • From concept to point-of-care
  • Malaria target discovery and drug design
  • Problems of Leishmania therapeutics and new approaches
  • Countering multi-drug resistance in bacterial infections including tuberculosis
  • Natural product chemistry for new leads
  • Synthetic medicinal chemistry for drug discovery
  • Biosimilars, biobetters and drug delivery systems
  • Bone biology and skeletal targets
  • Interventions for CNS disorders
  • Cancer biology and overcoming resistance
  • Translational research on the cardiovascular-metabolic axis


Jeremy Burrows

MMV's Jeremy Burrows will be speaking about Drug discovery to control and eradicate malaria at this symposium.