20 years of MMV: Successes, challenges and aspirations

11 November 2019
Geneva, Switzerland

In 1999, a group of dedicated individuals and organizations sought to put an end to the heavy burden of malaria. They established a public–private partnership, Medicines for Malaria Venture, endowing it with $4 million in seed finance to research and develop at least one antimalarial within 10 years.

20 years later, MMV has far exceeded these goals. With our partners, we have brought forward 13 new antimalarials, that have saved an estimated 1.9 million lives. We have a built robust pipeline of 65 antimalarial drug projects, established a network of over 400 research and policy partners, and raised significant funding to support the R&D of new, affordable and effective antimalarials and ensure their equitable access and availability.

Today, with over 100 dedicated members of staff and 17 committed public and private sector donors, we are now seen as a leading product development partnership in the field of malaria drug development. And we continue to work with our partners towards our ultimate goal of defeating malaria together.

To mark this landmark anniversary MMV is planning a malaria event in November 2019. Participation is by invitation. As we count down to the event, each month we will add a new feature to the list below to revisit our past successes and future challenges.