20 years of MMV: Successes, challenges and aspirations

20 years of MMV: Successes, challenges and aspirations

11 November 2019
Geneva, Switzerland

On 11 November MMV is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an event in Geneva. See the agenda for more information. 

In 1999, a group of dedicated individuals and organizations sought to put an end to the heavy burden of malaria. They established a public–private partnership, Medicines for Malaria Venture, endowing it with $4 million in seed finance to research and develop at least one antimalarial within 10 years.

20 years later, MMV has far exceeded these goals. With our partners, we have brought forward 13 new antimalarials, that have saved an estimated over 2 million lives. We have built a robust pipeline of 65 antimalarial drug projects, established a network of over 400 research and policy partners, and raised significant funding to support the R&D of new, affordable and effective antimalarials and ensure their equitable access and availability.

Today, with over 100 dedicated members of staff and 17 committed public and private sector donors, we are now seen as a leading product development partnership in the field of malaria drug development. And we continue to work with our partners towards our ultimate goal of defeating malaria together.

As we count down to the event, each month we will add a new feature to the list below to revisit our past successes and future challenges.

MMV At a glance

Updated for our 20th year, the 'MMV At a glance' highlights our unique partnership model, the increasing impact of our access work and the portfolio of medicines that has grown and evolved since 1999. 


20 years of drug discovery

As our 20th anniversary nears, two MMV drug discovery scientists, Dr Didier Leroy and Dr Brice Campo, discuss advancements that have been made and the challenges that lie ahead in the discovery of antimalarial medicines.


20 years of MMV women in R&D

This month, in celebration of International Women’s Day, MMV women in R&D discuss childhood heroines, progress that has been made for women in science over the course of their careers and inspiring young women to follow a science path.


20 years of partnerships

This film illustrates how MMV works with a broad network of partners cultivated since 1999. Together with over 150 scientists, researchers, healthcare workers, policy makers and others, we work to design, test, create and deliver new medicines for the treatment and prevention of malaria. 


20 years of defeating malaria together

Since 1999, MMV and its public and private partners have brought forward 12 new medicines which have saved the lives of 1.9 million people. This image slideshow depicts their stories. 


Keeping an eye on relapsing malaria

Global efforts to tackle malaria have historically focused on Plasmodium falciparum. To achieve the malaria elimination goal, however, efforts will need to also focus on reducing the burden of relapsing P. vivax malaria. In this interview, Dr Kamini Mendis, Independent Consultant in Malaria and Tropical Medicine, discusses the successes in eliminating malaria in Southeast Asia, and the challenges that lie ahead. 


Tackling antimalarial drug resistance: now and in the future

Over the past 20 years, artemisinin-based medicines have contributed to a significant decrease in malaria-related mortality. Over the next 20, resistance to existing medicines will be one of the toughest challenges we face. This image slideshow outlines how MMV’s portfolio is geared up to tackle antimalarial drug resistance.


Living happily, protected from malaria: Tenin’s story

In 1999, MMV and partners set out to discover, develop and deliver medicines to treat and prevent malaria in endemic countries. As our 20th anniversary nears, we reflect on the lives our collaborative innovation has touched. Tenin’s is one of them. Read her story.


From “enthusiastic amateur” to indispensable contributor: 20 years of service to malaria drug discovery

Since the day he answered MMV’s ad in Nature for drug discovery expertise, Sir Simon Campbell has been a stalwart supporter and indispensable contributor to MMV’s work. Not only was he part of the group that helped to establish MMV, he has provided mentorship to a number of the project teams that have delivered MMV's clinical candidates. Sir Simon tells us about what it was like to take part in MMV’s beginnings and how he sees the organization developing over the next decades.


MMV on the ground: stories from the field and the lab

Along the road to health impact in the fight against malaria MMV encounters new people, places and ideas. Over the past 20 years these experiences have shaped the way we work to design, create and ultimately deliver new medicines to vulnerable populations. Here are four staff interviews on some of their most memorable encounters. 


Reflections of the MMV Board: Successes, challenges and aspirations

In celebration of MMV's 20th anniversary this month, Board members reflect on past successes, challenges and future aspirations for the role of MMV within the evolving malaria landscape.