1st Malaria World Congress 2018

1-5 July 2018
Melbourne, Australia

Despite impressive advances over the last decade, malaria remains a huge global and regional threat. The recently released World Malaria Report is a salutary reminder that we are indeed at a tipping point which could go either way.

At present, there is no mechanism anywhere in the world for ALL stakeholders - those in affected communities, in government, in policy development, in implementation, in program finance, and in research - to gather and share information, to reach a consensus and to build a solid framework for collaborative action against malaria.

The inaugural Malaria World Congress aims to address this gap.

The objectives of the congress are:

  1. Facilitation of collaboration between practitioners of scientific innovation, health systems delivery, community, government and non-governmental organisations

  2. Position malaria elimination within the Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals

  3. Strengthen political commitment and action towards malaria elimination

  4. Address gaps in knowledge and communication within and across sectors to meet elimination targets

Malaria elimination is a priority issue in 2018. Following on from the malaria event to be held in conjunction with the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) in London in April, 2018, this Congress will be a critical step in keeping up and building upon the political momentum created at the April event. The Malaria World Congress will be the opportunity to work through implementation issues not possible in a one day meeting putting a strong focus on cross-sector collaboration.

David Reddy

MMV's David Reddy is speaking at this event