About Malaria Libre

About Malaria Libre

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An open source drug discovery programme aiming to deliver preclinical candidates for the treatment and prevention of malaria

We believe that the intersection of different fields and disciplines paves the way for innovation, which can be accelerated through open access. This is why Malaria Libre was created providing a platform through which researchers around the globe can freely share and build on each other’s data, information and ideas.

Participants are invited to contribute to the community debate 

Participants are invited to contribute in any way they can, including through scientific activities performed in their laboratories. Participation of those with non-scientific backgrounds is also welcome. The community debate is led by a core group and takes place on LinkedIn and through virtual project meetings. 

Data is updated as the project advances

Advancement of the projects is based on agreed criteria and is guided by MMV’s Expert Scientific Committee (ESAC), whose role includes providing expert drug discovery and parasitology advice.

The latest chemical series under exploration, key data, project progression criteria, challenges and more are available on MMV’s website in the open data repository. These data are updated regularly as the project advances and remain free of intellectual property constraints.

An open approach to accelerate antimalarial drug discovery

By harnessing an open approach coupled with the diverse and complimentary backgrounds of participants, we hope to accelerate innovation in antimalarial drug discovery. Ultimately, the programme gives the malaria community the possibility to create, test and develop its own solutions which could contribute towards discovering new drugs that save lives.

Intellectual property

All data generated from the Malaria Libre programme are available in a public database and thus remain free to use, adapt and share. As all data is open, no patent protection will be sought.