Merck KGaA/Shin Poong
Asexual blood stages
Transmission reduction
Uncomplicated malaria treatments and resistance management (TPP-1)


Product development
Patient exploratory
Product vision
  • Uncomplicated malaria treatment and resistance management

  • Chemoprevention and potential for prophylaxis

  • M5717: P. falciparum EF2 inhibitor

  • Pyronaridine: pleotropic effect including inhibition of hematin formation, and haem degradation. Interferes with the digestive system of the parasite by modifying food vacuoles
Key features
  • M5717: Long half-life and comparable activity across all stages of the malaria parasite lifecycle; transmission-blocking activity in a Standard Membrane Feeding Assay, and activity against hepatic schizonts
  • Pyronaridine: is a combination partner in Pyramax (since 2012 EMA positive scientific opinion under art. 58), fast acting and long duration
  • Positive interaction demonstrated in pre-clinical model on killing rate and resistance protection
  • Dose and cost of goods
  • Potential for resistance against M5717
  • M5717: First-in-human study (blood-stage) volunteer infection study and (sporozoite) volunteer infection study completed
Next milestone
  • Initiate phase IIa combination study in patients with acute uncomplicated malaria
  • Discovery collaboration with the University of Dundee Drug Discovery Unit
  • Names DDD107498; DDD498, MMV121