Product development
Patient confirmatory
Asexual blood stages
Transmission reduction
Uncomplicated malaria treatments and resistance management (TPP-1)
Product vision
  • Uncomplicated malaria treatment and resistance management
  • Recent ganaplacide data suggest effect on parasite internal protein secretory pathway. Target not yet fully determined. Decreased susceptibility to ganaplacide is associated with mutations in three P. falciparum genes, CARL (cyclic amine resistance locus), UDP-galactose and Acetyl-CoA transporters
  • Lumefantrine inhibits the parasite conversion of toxic heme to non-toxic hemozoin
Key features


  • Novel mechanism of action – activity against parasites that are resistant to current drugs

  • Rapid killing of parasites (parasite clearance time <48 hours)

  • Effective against P. falciparum and P. vivax species

  • Transmission-blocking activity in a Standard Membrane Feeding Assay

  • Potential for causal prophylaxis by blocking early liver stage of parasite


  • Used in combination with artemether since 1998 in over 1 billion patients
  • New lumefantrine formulation with improved bioavailability

  • Phase IIb combination study completed

  • Phase IIb study in paediatric population (KALUMI) ongoing

Next milestone
  • Completion of Phase IIb KALUMI studies

  • Phase III study start in 2023
  • KAF156, GNF156. Novartis in discovery partnership with MMV, Wellcome Trust, and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Project Director
  • Yveline Angevelle