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In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented shipment delays are expected which may affect the condition in which compounds are delivered. In order to preserve the quality of the Pandemic Response Boxes and ensure they are received in optimal condition, shipments have been temporarily paused. It is still possible to submit a request for the box using the form below, and we will inform you once shipments restart.

The Pandemic Response Box compounds are supplied in 96 well plates, containing 10​μL of a 10mM dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) solution of each compound.

The Box will be dispatched to you at the earliest opportunity, free of charge. In return, recipient shall deposit any Data in an open access public repository such as CHEMBL, with tagging of metadata, within two (2) years of generating the data and publish any results in peer-reviewed journals on “Open Access” Terms.

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The Pandemic Response Box comes in aliquots of 10μL of 10 mM frozen DMSO solution. 400 compounds: 5 plates (96-well) containing 400 compounds in total. 

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