Participate in Malaria Libre

The Malaria Libre drug discovery programme is open to all enthusiastic contributors worldwide, including researchers, subject matter experts and those with non-scientific backgrounds. All research activities take place in the laboratories of participants and results are shared in an open forum.

We invite scientists to contribute through synthesis of compounds, computational analysis- predictive drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic expertise, mode of action studies and screening in resistant or clinical strains. Consult the data repository to see the current project challenges – you may already have the solution.

Become a member of the LinkedIn group to participate in the project discussions and receive information on the virtual project meetings which take place every two weeks.

Interested in participating? Have questions or feedback about the programme? Email malaria.libre [at]

Project Meeting details

Discover the notes of our first Malaria Libre project meeting as well as Malaria Libre presentation slides.