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Aryl piperazine 

Aryl piperazine structure

MoA/MoR: Unknown (no cross resistance identified)

Key features: 

  • Physicochemical and DMPK properties can be modulated with structural modifications
  • Fast rate of killing in vitro
  • Probably new mode of action
Challenges: Most compounds associated with high CYP inhibition
Status: Validated hit
Next milestone: Identification of early lead
MMV024406 analogs data

Aryl imidazole

Aryl imidazole structure

MoA/MoR:Unknown (no cross resistance identified)

Key features: 

  • Possibility to move away from hidden anilines and modulation of physicochemical properties with structural modifications
  • Fast rate of killing in vitro
  • Likely new mode of action
Challenges: Poor metabolic stability 
Status: Validated hit
Next milestone: Identification of early lead
MMV023227 analogs data

Available data 

Aryl piperazine (MMV024406 analogs) 

Aryl imidazole (MMV023227 analogs) 

Criteria for next stage transitions