Global Health Priority Box supporting information

Global Health Priority Box supporting information

View the structures and associated data of the compounds included in the Global Health Priority Box (pharmacology data and calculated properties). View the plate map of the box. 

Scientific input or advice

Depending on the query, MMV or a partner organization may be able to provide you advice or additional samples.

Sharing of information by research groups

Global Health Priority Box recipients are expected to share data resulting from the research using the box compounds in the public domain within 2 years of its generation. The data can either be made available via the ChEMBL database and/or by publication in a peer reviewed open access journal.

Funding for follow-up work

MMV or partners may be able to provide advice to requestors wishing to apply for funding to continue research. Please contact us.

Additional copies of the Global Health Priority Box

The supplied quantity should be sufficient for initial screens. It may be possible for us to supply an additional copy in certain instances. Please reapply via the request form providing a justification.

Supply of samples for hit validation studies

Hit validation studies should be done with solid samples, please contact MMV for your requirements.

Recommended procedure for handling the plates

The compounds are provided as thin films and the quantity corresponds to 10mM stock when reconstituted with 10uL of solvent. It is preferable to use DMSO for reconstitution. The reconstituted plates can be used as a mother plate to create several daughter plates of required concentration. MMV recommends, after initial DMSO dilution, to further dilute in the reaction/assay buffer to keep DMSO concentration as low as possible. 

Follow-up guidelines

Refer to the following publications for the next steps once actives have been identified from the box:

Samby K, Willis PA, Burrows JN, Laleu B, Webborn PJH (2021) Actives from MMV Open Access Boxes? A suggested way forward. PLoSPathog 17(4): e1009384.

Lees R, Praulins G, Davies R et al. (2019) A testing cascade to identify repurposed insecticides for next-generation vector control tools: screening a panel of chemistries with novel modes of action against a malaria vector. Gates Open Res, 3:1464 (