About the Global Health Priority Box

About the Global Health Priority Box

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of preparedness for current and emerging public health threats. The world has also seen how quickly new tools can be developed when barriers to collaboration are lifted. The Global Health Priority Box provides scientists with free access to a collection of compounds with confirmed activity against pathogens and vectors, allowing for researchers around the world to build on one another’s work, saving precious time and resources. 

The box provides scientists with confirmed starting points to further advance the development of treatments and insecticides to tackle two of several priorities set out by the WHO in late 2021: drug resistance and communicable diseases.

Components of the box

The box contains three sets of compounds in various stages of drug discovery and development:

  • 80 compounds selected by MMV and partners, with confirmed activity against drug-resistant malaria.
  • 80 compounds selected from a compound library donated by Bristol-Myers Squibb, for screening against neglected and zoonotic diseases, and diseases at risk of drug resistance.
  • 80 compounds selected with input from disease experts at IVCC, that have been tested for activity against various vector species. This plate can be used to screen and develop compounds for vector control and transmission-blocking medicines.

View the structures and associated data of the compounds included in the Global Health Priority Box (pharmacology data and calculated properties). View the plate map of the box. 

Plates will be provided based on the disease area or pathogen of interest specified on the request form. 

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