COVID Box supporting information

COVID Box supporting information

View the structure and platemap of the compounds included in COVID Box. This excel document also includes other useful information like Compound ID, trivial name, molecular weight, salt, AlogP, CAS reference, literature reference where ChEMBL reference is not available for reported biological activity.

Scientific input or advice

MMV would be pleased to hear about the results generated from research on the COVID Box. Depending on the query, MMV or a partner organization might also be able to provide you with advice or additional samples to further your work. Please contact us.

Sharing of information by research groups

Box recipients are expected to share data resulting from research on the molecules from the box in the public domain within 2 years of its generation. The data can either be made available via the ChEMBL database and/or by publication in a peer-reviewed open access journal, with an acknowledgement to the source and supply of the compounds.

MMV will list the names and contact details of the requestors who have reported or published data on the website.

Funding for follow-up work

MMV or partners may be able to provide advice to requestors wishing to apply for funding to continue research where pertinent. Please contact us.

Additional copies of the COVID Box

The supplied quantity should be sufficient for most initial screens. In certain instances, it might be possible for us to supply further copies of the box – please reapply via the request form including a justification for the additional request. Please note that first-time requests will be prioritized.

Supply of solid samples of compounds for hit validation studies

MMV can also provide solid samples of hit compounds for confirmation of activity and additional screens. Please contact us to discuss your requirement for hit validation or proof-of-concept studies (hit validation should be done with solid samples).

Shipment of the COVID Box

Shipment will be done by our partner, Evotec, who will provide the plate map of the compounds.

Recommended procedure for handling the plates

We suggest that the Box recipient maintains the plate(s) in a frozen state to prevent cross-contamination of the wells. If the plates DO NOT arrive frozen on dry ice, the requestor should contact MMV.

An intermediate dilution step to generate several copies of the master plate (10mM stock solution) may be done to avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles, which could lead to unquantifiable dilution of the stock solution. This will also protect the compounds from degradation.

Recommended procedure for diluting the plates

Suggested procedure: Dilute the 10mM stock solution plate to a concentration of 1mM in 100% DMSO (dilute the initial 10µL of stock solution into 90µL of DMSO). 10 plates containing 10µL solution at 1mM could then be generated. MMV recommends you test all compounds for screening at a 1µM final concentration and keep the final volume of DMSO in the reaction buffer as low as possible.

Follow-up guidelines

For suggestions to assess the quality of a hit from the COVID Box go to the follow-up guidelines.