About the COVID Box

About the COVID Box

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Globally, in the space of a few months, COVID-19 has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and placed unprecedented pressure on healthcare systems. The pandemic could also compromise control efforts for diseases like malaria, by jeopardizing access to life-saving antimalarial medicines and emergency care.

MMV’s COVID box to accelerate open research on COVID

To tackle this multi-faceted disease, researchers need to work together. The MMV COVID box contains a set of 160 marketed drugs or compounds in development with known or predicted activity against the recently discovered pandemic virus SARS-CoV-2 in research publications.

These compounds are made available by MMV as a free Open Access box in which compounds are physically available as solubilized 10mM solutions in DMSO within a 96-well plate. 

Stimulating collaboration against coronaviruses

Scientists are encouraged to use these compounds to help validate assays and generate a community consensus on those most interesting for follow-up. The biological activity and protein binding carried out by our partners will be reported in due course; these data will contribute towards an improved evaluation of each compound’s potential as part of a cure for COVID. Recipients of the Box will be asked to publish their findings in the public domain to spur open research and collaboration against COVID.

Improving pandemic preparedness by sharing data

MMV is committed to collaborative Open Science and to catalysing new drug discovery initiatives to meet unmet medical needs. Our previous MMV Open projects have provided hundreds of scientists around the world with the right compounds to progress their studies. The COVID Box will support research not only against SARS-CoV-2 but also against future emerging threats. Through this structured program of sharing data, MMV hopes to improve pandemic preparedness, and to facilitate research before and during an outbreak.