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  • Oocyst

    A stage in the life cycle of malaria parasites, oocysts are rounded cysts located in the outer wall of the stomach of mosquitoes. Sporozoites develop inside the oocysts. When mature, the oocysts rupture and release the sporozoites, which then migrate into the mosquito’s salivary glands, ready for injection into the human host.1

  • Open Access

    Data, compounds, publications etc. made available to maximize their possible use across diseases.

  • Open Innovation

    Two or more partners share data within a "walled garden" with the intention to deliver a product.

  • Open Science

    Deposition of data in the public domain.

  • Open Source

    All project data and structures are laid bare and the wider community is invited to fully engage and offer support e.g. advice, synthesis, testing and in-kind technology.