Follow-up guidelines for Open boxes

If screening hits are obtained from an open access box, the following evaluation is suggested to assess the initial quality of the hit:

  1. Check whether the chemotype is known for the particular target/organism (there may be analogues in the Box or the scientific literature).
  2. Check the cytotoxicity data to ensure the biological effect observed is not due to a general cytotoxicity.
  3. Confirm activity from a fresh solid sample. MMV may be able to supply material for follow up screening, please contact us to discuss your requirements. If we cannot supply solid material we can provide information on any commercial suppliers or provide synthetic routes. Alternatively, researchers can identify commercial suppliers using searchable websites including emolecules and Chemspider. Please note that MMV cannot guarantee compound availability and will not subsidize the purchase of the analogues.
  4. Prioritise the hits based on any additional information about the drug-like properties. 
  5. Before taking the compound for animal experiments, check the in vivo pharmacokinetics of the compound. 

Regarding points 4 & 5 above:

MMV looks forward to hearing about your findings and will be happy to provide you with further assistance, where possible. Please feel free to contact the MMV Open team.