COP 28

COP 28

30 November - 12 December
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
COP 28

Photo: Ivan Siarbolin


The 2023 UN Climate Change Conference represents a halfway point between the signing of the Paris Agreement by 196 parties in 2016 and the agreement's overarching goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C by 2030. COP 28 UAE will be the first UN Climate Change Conference to engage in a global stocktake to assess the progress made since the signing of the Paris Agreement, with the aim of aligning efforts on climate action globally and bridging existing gaps.

Importantly, COP 28 is set to be the first UN Climate Change Conference to host a Health Day and climate-health ministerial, with the aim of bringing the global climate-health agenda into the mainstream of climate talks and establishing action plans to address the impacts of climate change on people and healthcare systems, particularly across the developing world.

For more information, visit the COP 28 website.