Call for proposals for African scientists: malaria drug development

Call for African Proposals

To be eligible for consideration for funding as part of this call, MMV welcomes proposals only from endemic region African scientists focused in the following priority areas:

1. Compounds with confirmed activity on any antimalarial life-cycle stage

Novel families of molecules with confirmed activity (EC50 < 10uM) and a medicinal chemistry plan that tackles any known or anticipated liability. Priorities will be given to proposals that maximise use of local, natural products.

2. Assay development and screening

Assay development and screening to support discovery or development of novel antimalarials.  Priority will be given to proposals that maximize use of local, field isolates.

3. Computer aided drug discovery

Use of computational approaches (cheminformatic and/or bioinformatic) to discover new molecules with predicted antimalarial activity or new antimalarial drug targets.

Please complete the African Letter of Interest template. See further instructions on how to complete the African Letter of Interest.

All applications for any of the above must use the specified templates and should be sent electronically to proposals [at] by 12 noon CET, August 26th, 2022.