Artesunate injection dosage & administration

Artesunate injection dosage & administration

WHO recommends parenteral artesunate in preference to quinine for the treatment of severe P. falciparum malaria in adults and children. Intravenous injection is the preferred route of administration although intramuscular injection is also possible. To ensure that healthcare providers fully understand how to prepare and administer the product, MMV developed training materials to illustrate these steps and facilitate the correct use of the product.

MMV worked in collaboration with a research agency in public health to interview 65 health workers across 7 institutions in Kenya, to test these materials and to make sure they were well understood. New versions that incorporated lessons learned were tested daily over two weeks, to ensure that the final training materials better meet the needs of health personnel who treat patients with severe malaria. This project was carried out with continuous feedback from WHO GMP, MSF, Swiss TPH, PMI and CHAI.

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Research Lead: Wellsense

Artwork: Comstone