Supporting malaria elimination in Papua New Guinea

Throughout the Asia Pacific region, a growing number of countries are mapping their paths to national elimination of malaria. Of these countries, Papua New Guinea (PNG) faces the heaviest disease burden from malaria. Given the complexities of delivering healthcare in this geographically diverse country, elimination across the country may take many years to accomplish. In the meantime, there are specific sub-regional environments within PNG where malaria elimination may be feasible in the short-term.

Since 2011, MMV has been engaged in a drug development and access partnership with Newcrest Mining Limited, an Australian mining company with significant operations in Papua New Guinea.

With its largest mine in the Lihir Group of Islands (LGI), Newcrest has undertaken to work with local authorities and stakeholders to address health challenges that impact the community.  The Lihir Malaria Elimination Programme is one example of a joint initiative between Newcrest and MMV, in collaboration with local stakeholders, to develop a plan to support malaria elimination on the islands.

In 2021, MMV and PATH launched the Partnership for Vivax Elimination (PAVE) to support countries in the achievement of their elimination goals. In PNG, as part of PAVE, the Burnet Institute is working with the PNG National Department of Health and the PNG Institute of Medical Research to determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of improving case management for relapsing Plasmodium vivax (P. vivax) malaria.

  • Past and current partners:

    International SOS, IS Global, Newcrest Mining Limited, Burnet Institute

    Updated December 2021