MMV believes in transparency. Below you will find our policies, principles and other key information about working in partnership with us.

Anti-corruption policy
[PDF: 2.0Mb, 4 pages]

Child protection policy
[PDF: 1.8Mb, 5 pages]

Climate and environmental policy
[PDF: 812Kb, 2 pages]

Code of conduct
[PDF: 850Kb, 5 pages]

Confidentiality policy
[PDF: 2.3Mb, 5 pages]

Conflict of interest policy
[PDF: 3.8Mb, 10 pages]

Data access and scientific publications policy
[PDF: 380Kb, 2 pages]

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy
[PDF: 990Kb, 5 pages]

Fundraising policy
[PDF: 100Kb, 2 pages]

Quality policy
[PDF: 90Kb, 1 page]

Risk management policy
[PDF: 1Mb, 3 pages]