Global Safety Board (GSB)

Global Safety Board (GSB)

MMV’s Global Safety Board (GSB) was instituted in 2009 and is mandated to conduct a review on projects that are progressing to testing for the first time in humans. The board continues to conduct a thorough scientific and ethical review at each major project milestone beyond the clinical phase 1 of the R&D process, through to registration and distribution.

GSB Members

Dr Trevor Gibbs Independent Consultant, Former Senior Vice President, Pharmacovigilance & Medical Governance, GlaxoSmithKline, UK; and Co-Chairman of MMV Global Safety Board, UK

Dr Stephan Duparc Chief Medical Officer, MMV, Switzerland; and Co-Chairman of MMV Global Safety Board

Prof. Tim Hammond Pharmaceutical Preclinical Safety Consultant, UK

Prof Pieter Joubert Clinical Pharmacology Consultant, UK

Dr John Pears Director, Woodhouse Green, UK 

Dr Lucette Dössegger, Translational Drug Safety Consultant, CH