Global Safety Board (GSB)

Global Safety Board (GSB)

MMV’s Global Safety Board (GSB) was instituted in 2009 and is mandated to conduct a review on projects that are progressing to testing for the first time in humans. The board continues to conduct a thorough scientific and ethical review at each major project milestone beyond the clinical phase 1 of the R&D process, through to registration and distribution.

GSB Co-Chairs

Dr Trevor Gibbs: MD, former Head of Safety/PV at GSK

Dr Stephan Duparc: MD, MMV CMO


GSB Members

John Pears: MD, former VP in Patient Safety at AstraZeneca 

John Pottage: MD, former SVP at GSK then CMO at ViiV Healthcare/former ESAC Chair

Lucette Doessegger: MD, former Global Head Licensing & Early Dev Group/Safety Science at Roche

Tim Hammond: Toxicologist, former VP in Preclinical Safety at AstraZeneca

William (Bill) Bracken: Toxicologist, former Director, Full Development Programs and Occupational and Environmental Toxicology for Preclinical Safety at AbbVie

Paul Barrow: Toxicologist, former Global Head of Reproductive Toxicology at Roche