People & governance

Staff bios

Meet the MMV team, committed to reducing the burden of malaria, treating malaria patients and saving lives.

MMV Board of Directors

MMV is governed by a Board of Directors chosen for their scientific, medical and public health expertise in malaria and related fields, their research and management competence as well as their experience in business, finance and fundraising. This is the highest policy and decision-making body of MMV which ensures that MMV’s objectives are efficiently executed by the management.

MMV North America Inc. Board

Supports MMV’s Corporate Development activities in the USA.

Expert Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Helps identify the best projects worthy of inclusion in the MMV portfolio and continues to monitor progress through an annual review of all projects.

Access & Product Management Advisory Committee (APMAC)

Advises MMV on its global access activities to ensure timely and effective delivery of new antimalarial drugs in malaria endemic countries.

Global Safety Board (GSB)

The Global Safety Board ensures adherence to scientific and ethical principles.