Tamara Boschung

Research & Projects Manager
Access & Product Management

What I do at MMV:

The challenge of making sure vulnerable populations receive lifesaving antimalarials goes beyond the development, financing and manufacturing of medicines. The medicines need to be made available, often in very remote locations. The health workers and caregivers who administer the medicines need to be trained on all aspects of their use. Therefore, appropriate and well-designed packaging, communication and training materials are of crucial importance at this stage. 

My daily work at MMV consists of leading qualitative research projects and developing packaging, educational and training material.

Why I work at MMV:

I find it unacceptable that a child dies every two minutes in today's world due to malaria. MMV has given me an opportunity to use a wide range of skills and contribute to alleviating the burden of malaria. I truly believe in MMVs mission and this role gives me a new sense of purpose. There is always something new to learn and I get to work with many interesting, committed and impressively knowledgeable people. Pair this with a healthy and very pleasant working environment and an amazing team and I think the answer to this question is clear.

More about me:

My educational background is in both communications and medicine and my past professional experiences have been in commercial, pharma and NGO environments, in packaging design and market research.  

I constantly have ideas buzzing in my head about my future travels and I love to explore and exchange different ideas and views, and challenge my own and those of others, around a glass of mojito.

Ask me about:

Digital communications, travelling, yoga, Paul Auster, Mo Yan, Mesa Selimovic.